How logistixAI® Works

Delivery Management software for the last mile.

The logistixAI® platform has all the everything you need to make the last mile your best mile – scalability, superior performance, reliability, end-to-end functionality, an excellent user experience, and the ability to handle your rapidly growing business.

logistixAI® Architecture

logistixAI® is built to deliver enterprise-grade functionality to any logistics company that wants to build an optimized last mile operation – from regional up-and-comers to national market leaders. Our cloud-first SaaS platform can scale effortlessly from processing hundreds to hundreds of thousands of orders and deliveries per day with absolutely no effect on performance.

Cloud-Based Processing Power

Our Cloud-based last mile operating platform can handle the most demanding enterprise-grade workloads with ease. Features like real-time, AI/ML-powered scheduling and route optimization demand a lot of technical power and need to execute rapidly. On our platform, the whole process takes anywhere from a few seconds for smaller users to a couple of minutes for national providers processing tens of thousands of orders per day.

Easy to Implement — Straightforward Integrations — Access to New Features Frequently

The logistixAI® platform is built with ease of use in mind. Our mobile applications are highly intuitive – making technicians instantly productive – and dispatchers and CSRs can get up to speed within hours. We can connect easily to commonly used eCommerce, order and warehouse management, and finance systems, and integrations to mapping and telematics data are built in. In addition, because logistixAI® is a SaaS platform, we add new features frequently that benefit all our customers. As we improve our platform, you can use these new features to improve your last mile operation.