For retailers, distributors, and 3PLs, the last mile is where long-term customer relationships can be won or lost. However, last mile logistics operations can be unpredictable, expensive, and hard to manage. You need a solution that can deliver last mile logistics at scale with accurate, AI/ML-driven scheduling and routing, real-time monitoring to enable hands on customer service, and tools to manage your employees and contractors to maximize productivity and profits. 

logistixAI® is the SaaS solution for the job – built using leading edge technologies to enable the next-generation last mile logistics.

logistix.ai overview

Automate and optimize the Receive Order > Schedule > Order Routing Process using our unique AI/ML technologies.

logistixAI® does the hard work of automatically turning orders into scheduled jobs with optimized routes, and we do it at scale.  Whether you are small, regional provider or a national behemoth, we can handle as many orders, deliveries, trucks, and technicians as you can throw at us.  Our embedded AI/ML technologies enable you to:

Receive orders from any source, including eCommerce, Point-of-Sale, order management, and warehouse management applications.

Automatically schedule deliveries using an AI/ML algorithm that considers many factors, including geography, the type and length of the job, and the capability, skills, availability, licenses, and capacity of technicians.

Enable customers to schedule their own deliveries via a web portal or a hyperlink sent via e-mail or SMS.

Optimize routes based on weather and traffic conditions, technician ratings, starting and ending location, and the time needed to execute a delivery – for example, a quick furniture drop off versus a complex installation of an appliance.

Track and manually override routes in real-time using a drag and drop interface based on current conditions.

Manage technician activities, including preventing technicians from starting orders outside a defined geofence.

Real-time visibility into every element of last mile operations.

LogistixAI® provides your dispatchers with real-time visibility into how your last mile operations are performing. We show you every delivery on a single screen – highlighting incomplete, partial, and failed deliveries. As a result, your team can manage these exceptions quickly – solving problems quickly and making customers happy. Key capabilities include:

An intuitive, real-time view that shows all orders and highlights delayed, missed, or partial deliveries, and other exceptions.

GPS tracking of all trucks and orders.

Analytics that visualize and provide insight into your last mile operations.

Powerful Workforce Management functions to maximize the productivity of your Employees & Contractor Network

Most last-mile logistics operators use a combination of employee and contract resources to deliver goods to customers. Using those resources effectively is critical to running a growing and profitable last mile logistics business. So is staying in compliance with state and local laws and regulations. logistixAI® provides workforce management functions that enable your company to:

Document and maintain critical information for every employee and contractor technician, including their home market, availability, capacity, skills, licenses, and certifications.

Schedule deliveries only with technicians that have the capabilities, availability, and capacity to do the work and have current licenses, insurance, and certifications in place.

Receive alerts before licenses and insurance policies expire and freeze profiles and deny when technician policies are out of compliance.

Our Customer Management functions enable better a customer service experience.

We capture every service and interaction with customers, so that you can use that information to serve customers successfully. Key capabilities include:

Providing dispatchers and CSRs with access to every customer order and communication in real-time.

Sending special service alerts to the technicians for a specific customer – for example, gate code, wear mask, disability.

Enabling technicians to see customer notes and pictures in real-time.

Allowing customers to initiate damage claims by capturing photos and other key data to launch an inquiry.

Capturing warranty status for installed products, so that customers can easily access repair services later if there is an issue.

Powerful mobile apps that make technicians productive and ensure a successful customer experience.

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android enable technicians to manage every step in the delivery process and provide a first-class customer experience. Key functions include:

Scheduling, orders, & routing – so that technicians can see where they are going, what they are they delivering, and how to get there.

Real-time, two-way communication – with dispatchers and CSRs to address issues in real-time.

Tailored workflows – to make sure deliveries are executed flawlessly based on proven processes.

Serial numbers and vendor plate capture – to support warranty management and customer service.

Proof of delivery – to document that goods were delivered and installed.

Initiate claims – in cases where there is damage to property at the customer site.

Actionable Real-Time Analytics

Last mile logistics operations are complicated, so it’s easy to get lost in the maze of daily activity. logistixAI® provides powerful analytics capabilities that enable you to:

Define and track KPIs.

Use a powerful, customizable dashboard to access data on any part of the business.

Proactively monitor customers, orders, employees, and contractors.

Receive early warning indicators from multiple data sources.​

As a result, you’ll know what’s going on your business from every angle and then make the right decisions to move your business forward.