Optimize your last mile logistics operation with every delivery.

Built by successful logistics entrepreneurs, logistixAI® is the last mile operations platform that delivers what retailers, distributors, and 3PLs need most – predictable, flawless deliveries, thrilled customers, and a growing bottom line.

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Everything you need for the last mile.

logistixAI® is feature rich and full lifecycle – enabling your company to manage every element of the last mile delivery process from scheduling to optimized routing, real-time monitoring, and proof of delivery.

Automated Scheduling

Schedules deliveries dynamically using an AI/ML engine based on capability, availability, and capacity of technicians. Reschedule deliveries on the fly based on real-time conditions.

Optimized Routing

AI/ML-powered engine that optimizes routes in real-time based on geography, traffic, time of day, weather, job complexity, and the skills, availability, and capabilities of technicians.

Real-Time Management

Track and manage your operation in real time. Drill down to individual routes and deliveries. Identify and fix potential issues before they become problems.

Workforce Management

Expertly manage your employees and contractors seamlessly through a single system to maximize efficiency and profits.

Powerful Mobile Apps

Easy to install and use. Communicate with technicians in real-time and make in-route adjustments. Works offline and uploads data automatically later.

Document Deliveries

Capture onsite data before and after delivery. Execute proof of delivery. Initiate damage claims for both products and property if problems arise.

Instant Insight

Advanced analytics provide decision-making insights on every aspect of your business.

Why is logistix.ai ® different?

logistixAI® provides the end-to-end functionality your company needs to run its last mile operation with maximum efficiency and profitability.


Improves continuously across the board – better scheduling, routing, and insights day-after-day.


Rapidly add new and upgrade existing features with no disruptions or downtime.


Scheduled and on-demand, plus complex workflows supporting B2B, B2C, and D2C business models.


Easily customize workflows to match your business operations – not the other way around.


Enables “always on” operation, quick implementation, instant access to new features, and white glove support.


Track key KPIs, including jobs, crews, costs, customer satisfaction, revenues, and on-time performance.

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Adding or switching last mile logistics software is a critical decision. Not all logistics software is created equal. Learn how different software can affect your staff, your drivers, your efficiency, and your customers' satisfaction.

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The Proof is in the demo.

If it’s part of the last mile process, it’s covered in the logistix.ai® operations platform.  Learn how you can effortlessly manage you last mile business from the time you receive an order all the way through to when you capture proof of delivery.  Schedule a demo today.

See logistixAI® Run - Live

Don't buy last-mile logistics software until you've seen it run live - not pre-recorded - in a real-time demo. logistixAI®'s responsiveness and level of detail are unmatched, even when loaded with thousands of routes in a single account. See for yourself by booking a demo today.