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Included Features

Management & Customer Tools

Fully Customizable Workflows & Tools

  • Custom crew workflows by service or product type
  • Customized workflows by client
  • Customer in-app forms and requirements by service or client

White Label Customer Communications & Portals

  • Client specific white-labeled communications and access portals
  • Customized customer messaging by client source
  • Improved client retention with white label services

Customer Account History & CRM

  • Easy access to a full record of entire customer history
  • Access to previously purchased products and service plans for repair and support
  • Save money and time with a single record source

AI-Driven Analytics & Learning

  • AI Learning adjusts time standards to service and crews
  • Imporved Customer Satisfaction with AI adjusted routing
  • Reduced cost with AI optimization

Customized Client Billing Rate Tables

  • Customize billable rates by client
  • Customize rates by Services
  • Customized rates by area or distance

Real-Time Customer Updates

  • Configurable Update Schedules
  • SMS or Email updates
  • White Label Customer Portal

Customizable Role Configuration

  • Configure custom roles and access types
  • Client Specific Role Access
  • Custom Interface by Role

Customer Self-Schedule & Rescheduling

  • Customer Experience Improvement with easy self-scheduling
  • Cost savings with reduced customer support time
  • Reduced not-homes with customer self-rescheduling and reminders

Point of Sale Scheduling

  • Schedule at sale – eCOM and on-site
  • Automatic Schedule availability at time of product availability
  • Real time capaicty remaining by market or provider

API Integration & Support

  • Over 700 running APIs to common services
  • Ability to build custom matched APIs
  • Cost saving expedited API development

Vendor Management Tools

Provider & Crew Onboarding

  • System Document Capture
  • Automatic onboarding workflows
  • Provider Interface via link

Crew Qualification & Document Tracking

  • Customized Vendor Requirements
  • Vendor License Tracking
  • Screening confirmations and expirations

Custom Market Creation & Scheduling

  • Customize by zip code by client
  • Schedule sub-zones by day of week
  • Save $ by adjusting coverage days by sub-zone

Vendor Assignment Ranking

  • KPI driven assignment
  • Cost reducing order assignment
  • Improved coverage and risk reduction

Custom Performance Dashboard & Tools

  • Customized by Role
  • Customized by User
  • Leadership Views to Optimize Business

Customized Vendor Rate Table Configuration

  • Customized rate tables by distance or service area
  • Customized rates by client or service
  • Customized rates per vendor

Out-of-Scope Service Support

  • Additional Service Approval Workflows
  • Additional Service Rate Tracking
  • Additional Service Reporting

Claims Support

  • Loss and Damage Tracking by Stage
  • Repair or Parts Support
  • Customer Make-Good Support

Crew Scheduling & Skill Sets

  • Crew availability scheduling by day
  • Crew Skillset and License based scheduling
  • Sub-market creation and scheduling

Multiple Vendor & Overlap Management

  • Rank vendors based on set KPI
  • Configure vendor overlap
  • Add and Remove Vendors Easily

Actual Mileage Tracking by Route & Stop

  • Actual Millage by stop based on routing
  • Total actual route millage
  • Cost savings by utilizing real millage data

Customer Surveys & Crew Scorecarding

  • Real time access to crew and provider performance
  • Customized KPI tracking
  • Improved customer experience

Quality Assurance Tools & Controls

  • At-Risk Order Reporting
  • Expiring Crew Documents
  • Workflow Driven Documentation

Inventory Support Tools

Co-Mingled Delivery with Privacy-protected Client Access

  • Multiple client orders mixed on same load, private access to only their orders
  • Cost reduction by needing only one board per route
  • Cost reduction by routing all work together

Inventory Management & Tracking

  • Inventory detail, including SN tracked
  • Inventory location and position tracked
  • Inventory status and condition tracked

Product Tracking & Conditioning

  • Capture product location and condition at each handoff
  • Document product condition with workflow driven photographs
  • Capture product condition notes and signatures real time

Reverse Logistics Workflows

  • Customized workflows to track returns
  • Customized workflows to support exchanges
  • Product condition photographs and notes captured at pickup and return

Product Loadout Support

  • Product Pick Support
  • Product Inspection and Transfer Support
  • Product On Hand & Location Support

Shrink & Damage Reduction Tools

  • Accurate product condition capture
  • Improved product location tracking
  • Product claiming Support

Rating & Crew Tools

In-App Parts Ordering

  • Product specific parts diagrams
  • in-app touch screen parts ordering
  • API directly to parts suppliers

Powerful Mobile Application Tools

  • Inventory Scanning
  • Order Updates and Notes
  • Communications and Alerts

Routing Optimization & Real-Time Reporting

  • Routing by crew and truck attributes
  • Start and End of day based routing
  • Cost reductions from improved utilization

Advanced Dispatcher Interface

  • Simple click and drag routing
  • in-field meet-up scheduling
  • At Risk Order dashboard

Truck Capacity & Weight-based Routing

  • Assignment based o truck type and capacity
  • Routing based on roads and bridges
  • Risk Reduction

Real-Time Notes & Images

  • Product Data Label Capture
  • Real Time Crew Notes and Photographs
  • Direct and Contactless Signature Capture

In-App Training Videos & Docs

  • Crew access to custom Video Library
  • Crew Access to Product/Service Guides
  • In-App FAQ Access

Time-In-Transit & Time-On-Site Tracking

  • Real time access to time on site or transit
  • Customized reporting for time by crew by service
  • AI driven cost savings

Weather & Restricted Road Based Routing

  • Routes adjust for weather to save money
  • Routes adjust for bridges and restrictions based on vehicle type
  • Loads routed by retractions

Geo Location with Live View Available

  • On location tracking
  • Available Live View in transit location
  • Custom view by role – internal or customer