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& Plumbing

In today’s service industry landscape, HVAC and Plumbing companies face unique challenges. Collaboration between manufacturers, retailers, and service providers is essential to exceed customer expectations. logistixAI offers a specialized platform that addresses these challenges, from the ground up to provide routing and staff efficiencies, service and warranty support, and customer communications and white label order portals, and amazing crew applications and tools.
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We understand you
logistixAI is a cutting-edge software platform tailored to meet the dynamic demands of HVAC and Plumbing service companies,
prioritizing efficient routing and an advanced crew mobile application. Our platform is a unified solution designed to streamline
operations for service providers, ensuring a seamless experience for your crews and customers.
Cost and Capability
Managing inventory, parts ordering, crew management, routing, and customer communication using multiple systems results in fragmentation and increased costs. logistixAI eliminates this complexity by providing a single platform that enhances capabilities while significantly reducing operational costs and improving resource efficiency.
Complex Services & Changing Requirements
Accurate and cost-effective planning of labor, quality monitoring, product tracking, and adapting to evolving requirements demand a powerful, configurable system. Manufacturers and warranty companies need live visibility into service transactions, as well as customer interactions. logistixAI provides this visibility and communication, including real-time product tracking and customer engagement.
Customer Communications
Today’s customers expect more than just basic service. They want real-time communication and the ability to schedule or reschedule appointments at their convenience. They also expect your customer service teams to have access to up- to-date order information in real time. logistixAI ensures that your order fulfillment is as technologically advanced as the devices your customers use.
Key features
Key Features Designed for Service Providers Supporting
HVAC and Plumbing Operations

Elevate your home warranty service with our seamless platform. Now, managing jobs has never been easier. With automated scheduling and routing features, you can allocate tasks efficiently. Keep your customers in the loop with real-time updates and feedback. Plus, with all crucial job updates syncing back to instantly, you can track performance metrics and ensure your clients are always satisfied. Simplify, optimize, and enhance your operations with logistixAI and working hand in hand.

Boost productivity and profit for each job using our specialized, AI-infused tools. Always send the perfect tech for the task, ensuring maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Managing multiple crews with overlapping service areas and diverse skill sets is crucial for HVAC and Plumbing service providers. logistixAI simplifies crew onboarding, vetting, assignment, and performance tracking, down to individual levels. This includes managing crew contracting and market assignment, truck specifications and skillsets, parts, plus billing and payment calculation in real- time.

Our app, designed for iOS and Android, ensures a smooth experience for your team on-the-go. In the HVAC and Plumbing industry, reliable data is crucial. With our tailored mobile workflows, gain consistent and quality data from the field, empowering your decision-making.

Sync with QuickBooks Online effortlessly! Export job details directly into your accounting system for streamlined tracking and synchronization. With logistixAI, your financial records are always up-to-date and organized.

HVAC and Plumbing service providers operate in complex environments with changing needs from licensing to warranties and service plans. logistixAI can create custom workflows for different business clients and services, including diagnostics, complex installations, and repairs. It also streamlines aftercare appointments, parts ordering, and claims processing.
logistixAI is your all-in-one solution for HVAC and Plumbing service providers, offering advanced routing capabilities and a powerful crew mobile application. It’s designed to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations in today’s demanding service industry.
Switching to logistixAI from Service Titan and Field Edge was a game-changer. It met my needs for automated routing and real-time updates while offering all the features I wanted. My customers and staff are delighted; I wish I’d made the switch 5 years ago!

Mike Kauffmann

President HVAC/Plumbing Company