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Final Mile

Today’s fulfillment supply chain challenges Manufacturers, Retailers, and Service Providers to work together in new ways to meet complex challenges while exceeding consumer expectations. logistixAI has developed a custom platform utilizing industry leading capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution from the truck up, with each party’s unique needs in mind – providing a comparable consumer experience to those of the industry’s leading ecommerce parcel ecommerce retailers.
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We understand you
logistixAI has developed a custom platform utilizing industry leading capabilities to provide a
comprehensive solution from the truck up, with each party’s unique needs in mind
Cost and Capability
The use of multiple systems at each industry level, often partially or entirely disconnected from the others, creates a fragmented experience, and increases costs significantly. One system tying together all user groups improves capability while significantly reducing the costs of systems and support and improves resource efficiency.
Complex Services & Changing Requirements
The ability to accurately and cost effectively plan labor, monitor quality, track products, and meet complex and changing requirements safely requires a system that enables providers with powerful configurable tools. Manufacturers and Retailers need accurate line of sight to the product and service transactions and performance for the management of the customer experience. This visibility and communication must include inventory location and condition and all customer interactions.
Customer Communications
Just doing the job at a functional level is no longer enough. Customers demand to be a part of the fulfillment with real-time communications and the ability to perform actions like scheduling or rescheduling. They expect the customer service teams they work with to have all the up-to-date order information in real time. They expect their order fulfillment to be as technologically advanced as their phones and watches.
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Key features
Here are our Key Features that are Designed for the Retailers Managing a Final Mile Operation
customized to each user role
A service provider supporting delivery, repair, and installation services must be able to manage dozens, if not hundreds of crews and clients with overlapping service markets, but often differentiated skillsets or licenses. Onboarding, managing, and assigning work to these crews – while tracking performance, real-time activities, and payables/billables is critical. logistixAI streamlines the onboarding, vetting, and crew management functions down to an individual level. A critical component of this is crew on-boarding, truck type and capacity, and vetting.

Service providers today operate in several complex businesses. Each of these business channels may require specific processes, services, and SOPs to operate effectively. logistixAI can route work and direct crews while on-site through an almost limitless variety of workflows based on the specific business and service being performed. Activities like site surveys, complex installations, and even license regulated gas and water connects can be set up and managed directly in the crew’s mobile application. Aftercare appointments and parts ordering are all done with the touch of the screen, providing capability to save the sales and mitigate returns and losses associated with defects or damages. When there are claims, logistixAI supports the claims processing and documentation as well.

Operating a service operation requires real-time direct access to the performance of the unique operations down to the crew level. Measuring and reporting on these predictive and key performance measurements is essential. logistixAI provides user specific performance dashboards at the provider, market, and business level. Each user has direct access to the performance and reporting detail they need to manage their business efficiently – driving improvements.

Consumers today have a greater expectation for real-time visibility and streamlined communications than they ever have. logistixAI provides real-time tracking of every appointment, 2-way communications, consumer portals, and an ability for consumers to manage their appointment and any needed reschedules directly, eliminating the need to call customer support teams or interact with multiple vendor interfaces. The use of GEO tracking (if enabled) provides real-time insights and communications.